Cancer Success

~In December 2012, I was told that I had cancer in my Lymph nodes and it was stage 4. I was told I had 12 – 15 months to live and was offered medication that may add some time to my life, but not necessarily quality.  My response was no to medication.   When I left the office I prayed to God and asked for wisdom and direction and I told Him, “I give this to you Lord.  It’s way too big for me.”  Later in the week while I was out driving, I pulled into a mall parking lot and felt led to go into the bookstore there.  Once I entered the bookstore, again I felt led to go to the back of the store where I discovered a book with an orange cover.  It was a book on cancer.  I bought the book and read it.   It was about natural treatments, Naturopathic Doctors and their patients’ testimonies. Vitamin C drip was a major component in all the testimonies in defeating cancer………..I then sought out Dr. Hunt.

Dr. Hunt started me on a program right away which included the Vitamin C drip.  Within several months the tumours had stopped getting bigger and then progressively started getting smaller.  It has been two years now, and the doctors locally and at the Cancer Clinic can no longer see the tumours.  During the two year I had 3 and 6 month x-rays and check-ups with the Cancer Clinic.  I am thankful I was led to Dr. Hunt and truly believe in Naturopathic Medicine and especially the Vitamin C drip therapy.