Category: Toxic Element Exposure

Occupations with the Highest Risk of Exposure to Toxic Metals

Occupations with the Highest Risk of Exposure to Toxic Metals 1. Plumbers 2. Construction Workers and Refinery Workers 3. Hair Dressers 4. Dentist and Dental Assistants 5. Farmers 6. Painters 7. Welders According to a Brown University Study (click here to read more), 56% of women exceed the accepted blood levels of lead, mercury, and ...

Lyme Disease: a triad of bacterial infection, toxic metal burden and intestinal parasites

Lyme disease is often affiliated with a triad of the following: Lyme spirochetes and other co-infections Intestinal parasites Toxic metal burden Click on this link to take the Lyme Disease Survey. Click here to schedule your appointment today!

Toxic element exposure: diagnosis and treatment

Dr. Jeffrey J. Hunt N.D. is committed to offering tests that identify imbalances and other conditions – so they can be corrected before disease develops!  Urine Toxic element testing may help identify possible contributors to chronic health problems. Toxic Elements and Health Toxic elements can block the beneficial effects of essential elements (e.g. zinc, calcium) ...