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Bee Venom Therapy for Pain, Health and More

What is Bee Venom Therapy used for? * Pain: Chronic pain; Arthritis (traumatic, osteo, rheumatiod; Joint swelling and pain; Limited range of motion; Strength/grasp force; Walking duration; Morning stiffness; Painful scars; Fibromyalgia; Rheumatic diseases; Inflammation Other: Vertigo/vestibular disorders; Eye inflammations (iritis, retinitis, optic neuritis); Autoimmune disorders (multiple sclerosis, lupus, polymyalgia rheumatica, diabetes); General neuropathic changes ...

Lyme Disease: a triad of bacterial infection, toxic metal burden and intestinal parasites

Lyme disease is often affiliated with a triad of the following: Lyme spirochetes and other co-infections Intestinal parasites Toxic metal burden Click on this link to take the Lyme Disease Survey. Click here to schedule your appointment today!

Lyme Disease

I take a broad view of what Lyme Disease actually is.  Traditionally, Lyme is defined as an infectious illness cause by the spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb). While this is certainly technically correct, clinically the illness often is much more than that, especially in the disseminated and chronic forms. Instead, I think of Lyme as the ...