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Lyme Disease is on the rise!

Do you have a health disorder that has not been diagnosed because all the testing to rule out the disease comes back normal? Usually there are a great many differing diagnoses from a lot of physicians. Symptoms of Lyme disease can often be mistake for a variety of other diseases, as it can negatively impact ...

Yeast Problems in Autism, ADHD and ADD

Poor attention is the common denominator among tipsy patrons at a bar, who otherwise may display striking individuality in response to their consumption of yeasty beverages. There are sad, sleep, happy, hyper, aggressive, hostile, insensitive, friendly, and apologetic drunks all of whom have consumed the same number of drinks. If tested, all would show poor ...

Lyme Disease: a triad of bacterial infection, toxic metal burden and intestinal parasites

Lyme disease is often affiliated with a triad of the following: Lyme spirochetes and other co-infections Intestinal parasites Toxic metal burden Click on this link to take the Lyme Disease Survey. Click here to schedule your appointment today!