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Dr. Jeffrey J. Hunt, Naturopathic Physician, excels in the treatment of many complex health conditions utilizing his extensive training, and diagnostic skills and tools. Diagnostic options are diverse and scientific incorporating cutting edge laboratory and in-house testing such as blood food allergy testing, inhalant scratch allergy testing, hormonal tests for men and women, Lyme disease testing, comprehensive digestive stool analysis, parasitology and toxic metal testing to name a few. Dr. Jeffrey J. Hunt is a second generation Naturopathic Physician. He also hails from two generations of chiropractors. Having graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Summa Cum Laude, he excels in the treatment of both common and complex conditions. His initial analysis begins with a detailed health inquiry and may include laboratory testing. This is followed by a treatment regime specific to each individual and could include supplementation, intravenous therapy, spinal manipulation and/or acupuncture. Dr. Hunt also has is pharmacopeia license and can prescribe most pharmaceutical drugs. As a Naturopathic Physician attention is paid to arresting the progression of the disease through the consideration of underlying causes. Dr. Hunt is particularly interested in gastrointestinal disorders, hormonal concerns, cancer, Lyme disease, allergenic disorders and weight loss.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement (BHRT)

BHRT refers to the therapeutic use of hormones that are identical in every way to the hormone produced naturally in the body. Diagnostic testing (salivary testing) identifies hormonal imbalances that are then addressed with the use of BHRT. Bio-identical hormones used in BHRT include estradiol, estrone, estriol, progesterone and testosterone. Cortisol may be supplemented in ...


Occupations with the Highest Risk of Exposure to Toxic Metals

Source: Occupations with the Highest Risk of Exposure to Toxic Metals

Occupations with the Highest Risk of Exposure to Toxic Metals

Occupations with the Highest Risk of Exposure to Toxic Metals 1. Plumbers 2. Construction Workers and Refinery Workers 3. Hair Dressers 4. Dentist and Dental Assistants 5. Farmers 6. Painters 7. Welders According to a Brown University Study (click here to read more), 56% of women exceed the accepted blood levels of lead, mercury, and ...

Lyme Disease: a triad of bacterial infection, toxic metal burden and intestinal parasites

Lyme disease is often affiliated with a triad of the following: Lyme spirochetes and other co-infections Intestinal parasites Toxic metal burden Click on this link to take the Lyme Disease Survey. Click here to schedule your appointment today!


Quote for the Day

We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.


The Interdependence of Earth Day

What Earth Day brings up for me is our interdependence.  We are totally dependent on our world, the life forms that inhabit our earth. Our bodies are no different then the composition of the earth. We need food, water, air, and minerals to sustain ourselves. We come from the earth and we return to the ...

Seasonal Allergies

Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) is an alternative way to treat allergies without injections. At Hunt Naturopathic Clinic Inc., Dr. Hunt gives a patient small doses of an allergen under the tongue to boost tolerance to the substance and reduce symptoms. Dr. Hunt must first use allergy testing to confirm the patient’s sensitivities. Once this is determined, ...