The Magic of Homeopathy

My wife came back from a week-long meditation retreat and one would think that she would be in a mellow, calm mood. She returned in a state of anxiety and extreme dizziness.

The dizziness was peculiar in that she would lose her balance and fall to the right frequently, with associated anxiety/fear in a crowd of people
Based on the peculiarity of her symptoms, I decided to treat her using the method of homeopathy. Homeopathy is based on the Law of Similars – similia similibus curentur or “let like be cured by like”. A substance administered in large dosages to a healthy person will produce specific dramatic symptoms. When this same substance is administered in minute doses, it will stimulate a healing reaction in the body to relieve those same symptoms.

I gave her one dose of Aconite 200D, which allowed her to be cured of her ailments rapidly, safely, and gently.

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