Menopause and Irritability

Another symptom related to perimenopause and menopause is irritability. Irritability can be caused by excess estrogen relative to progesterone, which is a common hormone imbalance. Irritability can also be caused by a lack of androgens for example, testosterone and DHEA, as well as the stress hormone cortisol.

Cortisol and testosterone act on the same gene is opposite ways, therefore, cortisol can block testosterone from delivery to the cell. This is a functional testosterone deficiency where blood levels of testosterone are normal, but because higher levels of cortisol due to stress, the patient will have symptoms of testosterone deficiency.

Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency:
• Depression
• Fatigue
• Bone Loss
• Vaginal Dryness
• Decreased Sex Drive
• Sleep Disturbance
• Decreased Muscle Mass
• Incontinence
• Memory Lapses
• Muscle Aches/Stiffness
• Foggy Thinking

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