The Interdependence of Earth Day

What Earth Day brings up for me is our interdependence.  We are totally dependent on our world, the life forms that inhabit our earth.

Our bodies are no different then the composition of the earth. We need food, water, air, and minerals to sustain ourselves. We come from the earth and we return to the earth when we die. We are in essence the earth. And we need to respect the earth as we respect ourselves.

We are doing things today that are very dangerous to our planet. Large corporations extract, pollute, and manipulate the genetics of plants, for the well being and profit of a few individuals without thought of the health of present and future generations. One way to protect our environment, is to use natural medicines when appropriate over synthetic pharmaceutical medications. What we put into our bodies affects the earth, because the metabolism of the synthetic medications are excreted into our water supply which directly pollutes the earth.

We are not independent entities. What we do affects all of us including the earth.

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